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Why let us host your Corporate Event at Rolling Plains Adventures? Because we aren't just a traditional venue. We go above and beyond in making sure your company's event goes the way you would like it to. Some of the options available are:

  • Our 3 lodges will sleep up to 32 guests with one suite with Jacuzzi tub within it
  • Full bar/saloon on-site with large open room within the Grand Lodge
  • Projector with drop down screen to display photos/videos
  • Internet Access on ranch
  • 40' X 80' white tent with side walls
  • Rustic decor, lights, and more
  • We plan and set up/tear down the entire function
  • Team building events
  • Many more options

Contact Us

Black Leg Events

24401 62nd Ave SE

Sterling, ND 58572



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